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Fantasy Rock Supergroup

In celebration of the new release by new supergroup Them Crooked Vultures, we asked you to named your Fantasy Supergroup

We've compiled the results and now we can reveal which singers, guitarists, bassists and drummers you would name in your ultimate supergroup.

The results are in - the greatest Supergroup, as voted for by you, contains half of Led Zeppelin, a Chili Pepper and a true guitar legend.

Robert Plant narrowly beat competition from Free/Bad Company frontman Paul Rodgers to claim the singer spot in our fantasy band, while guitar god Jimi Hendrix beat Percy's bandmate Jimmy Page to the guitar position.

The drum seat is filled by Zep sticksman John Bonham - with Keith Moon, Neil Peart and Dave Grohl separated by just four votes in second to fourth spots. Animal from The Muppets also received a handful of votes.

But the surprise of the poll was in the bassist section, with Red Hot Chili Pepper Flea upsetting the established order by beating John "The Ox" Entwhistle and Zep's John Paul Jones into second and third by just three and four votes respectively.

Here are the Top Ten of each category:

Singer Guitarist Bassist Drummer
Robert Plant Jimi Hendrix Flea John Bonham

Paul Rodgers
Freddie Mercury
Bon Scott
Chris Cornell
Ronnie James Dio
David Coverdale
Jim Morrison
Ian Gillan
Axl Rose


Jimmy Page
David Gilmour
Joe Bonamassa
Angus Young
Ritchie Blackmore
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Tony Iommi
Jeff Beck


John Entwistle
John Paul Jones
Phil Lynott 
Geddy Lee
Jack Bruce
Steve Harris
Chris Squire
Cliff Burton


Keith Moon
Neil Peart
Dave Grohl
Cozy Powell
Ian Paice
Ginger Baker
Lars Ulrich
Carl Palmer
Mike Portnoy


And here are some of the best names that we heard suggested for our Ultimate Supergroups. Sometimes the names make sense, some of them are related to the members of the band and some are just plain bonkers:

Irascible Mugwumps
The Early Exits
Corporate Manslaughter
Portugese Turtle Shock Therapy
The Virgin Broad'band
The Night The Reindeer Died
Zanzibar's Bat-Winged Sex Dwarf
The Incorrigible Rogues
Scary Hairy Mary
Terminal Cheesecake
The Atlantic Experiment Quartet
The Heath Robinson Affair
Backache, Gurner, Overdraft
Binge Of The Survival Janitor
The Strolling Bones
Bubba And The Chessmen
Boris And The People Eaters
Bobcat Lee & The Bonbons
The Oil And Water Experiment
Relics Of The Cold War
Percy's Throwers
Too Old To Die Youn