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Classic Albums: Rainbow - Rising

To say that that the sophomore album from Rainbow is flawless would in no way be an exaggeration.

Rising was recorded on the back of not only a wholesale line-up change (Dio was the only member to survive from the first Rainbow album) but also a lengthy tour, during which the new bandmates had time to evolve into one of the greatest live acts of the past four decades. And it is that live prowess which somehow shines through on Rising. There is a fluidity and an electricity to the record which, when you close your eyes, makes you feel remarkably like you are right there with the band in the studio.

Ronnie James Dio and that voice act as the perfect foil to Ritchie Blackmore’s guitar genius, which resonates throughout. The trippy, swirling haze of ‘Tarot Woman’ and Cozy Powell’s hard-hitting drums intrigue but it is the epic proportions of the album’s showstopping, showstealing showpiece ‘Stargazer’ that really stays with you. If there is one problem with the album it is that Rainbow reached perfection on album number 2 and never managed to get there again.

Its elaborate lyrics and great key changes allow Dio to really soar, giving him the chance to reach heights almost never bettered by any frontman before or since. Meanwhile, this is Ritchie Blackmore's finest hour, laying the spectre of Deep Purple to rest and letting fly with the most ambitious  project of his life.

You're in and out of Rising in less than 34 minutes, but it's one of the greatest 34 minutes you will ever spend with your record player. This album may be just six songs long but each and every one is a masterpiece which deserves - nay - demands a place in your collection.

1) Tarot Woman Blackmore / Dio
2) Run With The Wolf Blackmore / Dio
3) Starstruck Blackmore / Dio
4) Do You Close Your Eyes Blackmore / Dio
5) Stargazer Blackmore / Dio
6) A Light In The Black Blackmore / Dio 8:12


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