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Classic Albums: Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

By the time Sabbath arrived at their fifth album Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, they were world famous. Credited for single-handedly inventing a form of rock music so extreme, it became a whole new genre itself and was dubbed "Heavy Metal” and it was good!

Now the band were really ready to experiment and bring out the big guns, or synthesisers at least. Enter keyboard wizard Rick Wakeman, who lends a hand here. Although all four members are credited equally as songwriters for the album, in reality the bulk of the material was either from Tony Iommi or Geezer Butler, with Iommi on riff and Geezer the lyrical King.

An avid reader or sci-fi and the occult, Geezer brought to the table a concoction of dark language and gothic imagery most notably with ‘Who are You’. In ‘Sabbra Cadabra’ Geezer breaks his unwritten rule to steer away from the subject matter of love and shows the band’s versatility.

Similarly, Iommi’s first full-length acoustic instrumental forms in ‘Fluff’, a tongue in cheek description of this wispy creation and tribute to Sabbath supporter and late rock radio DJ Alan "Fluff” Freeman.

Ultimately this is the definitive Sabbath album, in that it manages to add a cherry on top of all its predecessors – and lets face it, every Sabbath album was magnificent – but as Ozzy himself believes, this album was the highlight or indeed "the peak of the band”.

1) Sabbath Bloody Sabbath All songs by Iommi, Osbourne, Butler & Ward 5:45
2) A National Acrobat
3) Fluff
4) Sabbra Cadabra
5) Killing Yourself To Live
6) Who Are You
7) Looking For Today
8) Spiral Architect


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