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The Who - 30 Years Of Maximum R&B (1994)

Released to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the band’s formation, this substantial four disc collection of the band’s material is an intriguing beast.

Split evenly between the band’s best songs and unreleased or rare material, it’s not quite clear exactly who this box is aimed at. Ardent collectors will own the "best of" material and want the rare material, while new fans will want the "best of" material but will be non-plussed at some of the rarities and dialogue tracks.

That being said, old and new fans will at least find something they’re looking for in this epic box. There’s a ream of tracks from the band’s best albums – Who’s Next, Live At Leeds and Tommy while the early unreleased tracks and the later live material is a fascinating snapshot of the band at various stages of their career.

A number of the rarities have found their way onto recently reissued versions of the band’s albums, so if you already own those then this box may not be for you. But if you’re a bit curious about the band and manage to find this box at a reasonable price then you won't regret the gamble.


Disc 1:
Pete Dialogue / I'm the Face / Here 'tis / Zoot Suit / Leaving Here / I Can't Explain / Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere / Daddy Rollin' Stone / My Generation / The Kids Are Alright / The Ox / A Legal Matter / Pete Dialogue / Substitute / I'm a Boy / Disguises / Happy Jack Jingle / Happy Jack / Boris the Spider / So Sad About Us / A Quick One, While He's Away / Pictures of Lily / Early Morning Cold Taxi / Coke 2 / Last Time / I Can't Reach You / Girl's Eyes / Bag O'Nails / Call Me Lightning

Disc 2:
Rotosound Strings / I Can See for Miles / Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand / Armenia City in the Sky / Tattoo / Our Love Was / Rael 1 / Rael 2 / Track Records/ Premier Drums / Sunrise / Russell Harty Dialogue / Jaguar / Melancholia / Fortune Teller / Magic Bus / Little Billy / Dogs / Overture / The Acid Queen / Abbie Hoffman Incident Live / Underture Live / Pinball Wizard / I'm Free / See Me, Feel Me Live / Heaven and Hell / Pete Dialogue Live / Young Man Blues Live / Summertime Blues Live /

Disc 3:
Shakin' All Over Live / Baba O'Riley / Bargain Live / Pure and Easy / The Song Is Over / Studio Dialogue / Behind Blue Eyes / Won't Get Fooled Again / The Seeker Edit / Bony Maronie Live / Let's See Action (Nothing Is Everything) / Join Together / The Relay / The Real Me / 5:15 Single Mix / Bell Boy / Love Reign O'Er Me /

Disc 4:
Long Live Rock / Life with the Moons / Naked Eye Live / University Challenge / Slip Kid / Poetry Cornered / Dreaming from the Waist Live / Blue, Red and Grey / Life With the Moons, No. 2 / Squeeze Box / My Wife / Who Are You / Music Must Change / Sister Disco / Guitar and Pen / You Better You Bet / Eminence Front / Twist and Shout Live / I'm a Man Live / Pete Dialogue / Pete Townshend Dialogue / Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting


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