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Rolling Stones - Their Satanic Majesties Request (1967)

A difficult record in the Stones canon. This came out in December 1967, when the band were still reeling from the recent, and very real, possibility that their writers and driving creative forces might have been spending a lot of time at Her Majesty’s Pleasure, after the infamous Redlands drug bust. Brian Jones had also been handed down a jail sentence, reduced to a £1000 fine the week after the album came out.

In the end, the butterfly was not broken on a wheel, but the Stones were hardly giving music their full focus as the flower power era drifted away. The result, in Satanic Majesties, was a very uneven piece of work that, like the Beatles’ Sgt.Pepper of a few months earlier, had clearly been made under the influence, but with nothing like the same effect. Introducing the album with the very acceptable 'Sing This All Together', but then ruining the effect with another drugged-out version halfway through the record, may have seemed a clever wheeze at the time, but it only contributes to an addled effect that recurs throughout the disc. But it’s worth persevering, especially for the timeless 'She’s A Rainbow' and the much more acceptably trippy '2000 Light Years From Home'.


Sing This All Together / Citadel / In Another Land / 2000 Man / Sing This All Together (See What Happens) / She's a Rainbow / Lantern / Gomper / 2000 Light Years from Home / On With the Show

  • Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones wrote the string arrangements on the song She's A Rainbow
  • The album's cover features the faces of all four Beatles - a response to the Welcome The Rolling Stones jumper on the front of Sgt Peppers. Incidentally, the maze on the inlay of the record is impossible - there is no way to reach the centre.


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