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Rolling Stones - Some Girls (1978)

Even when Some Girls was released almost 30 years ago, hardly anyone had lasted the course among the early 1960s pacesetters in English r’n’b. 16 years was an eternity together, and the attendant decadence and debauchery of the Stones in their pomp was enough to have much of the media baying for their blood. They were the very old guard that the new wave of supposed back-to-basics realism was designed to blow away. How wrong that was proved. Some Girls stands as a glorious lashing by the famous tongue of all those new pretenders, with a versatility and depth of expression to make most of the skinny-tie brigade cower, even if they didn’t admit it at the time.

It begins with 'Miss You', the quintessence of disco as it impacted white rock, and beyond that, a bloody good dance record. Here were the Stones proving yet again that they could still rock with exhilarating simplicity on 'When The Whip Comes Down', 'Lies', 'Respectable' and 'Shattered', strut on Some Girls and concoct the new country honk of 'Far Away Eyes'. As they’d proved so often before, they could appropriate black American soul music, this time on the Temptations’ (Just My) Imagination'. The palette also had room aplenty for a real vintage Stones mid-pacer, 'Beast Of Burden', and Richards’ great acknowledgement of his increasingly edgy personal circumstances, 'Before They Make Me Run'. "Booze and pills and powders, you can choose your medicine,” he wrote, and then "Gonna find my way to heaven, `cause I did my time in hell.”

Miss You / When The Whip Comes Down / Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) / Some Girls / Lies / Faraway Eyes / Respectable / Before They Make Me Run / Beast Of Burden / Shattered

  • Some Girls is the band's biggest selling album in the US, having shifted 6m copies
  • Lucille Ball, Farrah Fawcett, Liza Minnelli (representing her mother Judy Garland), Raquel Welch, and the estate of Marilyn Monroe threatened legal action over the original cover, so the band removed all of the faces and went with the interchangeable "Stones in drag" cover instead


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