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Rolling Stones - Aftermath (1966)

By the time of this fourth album, the Stones were a self-sufficient creative unit, still frequently quoting their blues and soul roots but now free to be what they want(ed), any old time. So here you get the cockiness of 'Under My Thumb' and frenetic upmarket pop of 'Paint It Black' alongside the almost classical 'Lady Jane'. Then it’s another gear-shift for 'Dontcha Bother Me', with some great slide guitar and Jagger’s bluesy harmonica. The album was their third UK chart-topper, and a few weeks later 'Paint It Black' became their sixth No.1 single at home. Some of their writing, as on 'Think' and 'It’s Not Easy', has yet to reach its full compositional height, but the album fascinatingly captures a legend in development. And as a precursor of the rule-smashing to come, they dared to end it with an 11-minute track that turned into a jam, 'Going Home'.


Mothers Little Helper / Stupid Girl / Lady Jane / Under My Thumb / Doncha Bother Me / Going Home / Flight 505 / High And Dry / Out Of Time / It's Not Easy / I Am Waiting / Take it or Leave It / Think / What To Do

  • As with many of the Stones' early albums, separate UK and US editions were released. The US version was missing four tracks from the UK release ("Out of Time", "Take It or Leave It", "What to Do", and "Mother's Little Helper"). and included Paint It Black as the album opener.
  • It is the first Stones album to consist entirely of Jagger / Richards compositions


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