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Is it possible to dislike Joe Walsh? The perennially charming rock star has an oft overlooked musical heritage that is almost unmatched by his contemporaries. His latest LP, ANALOG MAN, sees him rail against the modern world, but doing it with a great big smile on his face.

There is much to love about this new album, not least Joe's "man out of time" shtick which inspires much of the lyrical content. Certainly during the much stronger first half of the album there are some moments which rank alongside his best work. It's cheery melancholy with a pop-rock melody and really witty lyrics, just as likely to make you laugh out loud as it is make you sit in quite reflection and wonder where your life has gone.

There are moments that don't work quite as well as others, and these are generally when Joe gets caught in a moment of schmaltz (as on Family) or tries something that doesn't quite fit with the rest of the album (India), but as a whole this is an album that will work best upon repeat visits. You will hear things the second time round that you didn't the first and upon each listen you will be caught up in the simple, joyous charm of the whole thing.

KEY TRACKS: Analog Man, Lucky That Way, One Day At A Time

1. Analog Man Walsh 4:03
2. Wrecking Ball Walsh, James 3:45
3. Lucky That Way Walsh, James 4:14
4. Spanish Dancer Walsh 3:49
5. Band Played On Walsh, James 4:03
6. Family Walsh, James 4:21
7. One Day At A Time Walsh 3:18
8. Hi-Roller Baby Armstrong 3:18
9. Funk 50 Walsh 1:57
10. India Walsh 3:44


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