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When Slash unleashed his "debut" solo album a couple of years ago it was such an unexpected delight - it was like a really, really good collection of songs which were, despite being brand new, extraordinarily familiar. The songs were brilliantly catchy, and Slash's playing was as good as it had ever been. But as good as the individual songs were, the album did feel like a compilation - like bunch of good songs thrown together onto a tape to be played in the car.

APOCALYPTIC LOVE has retained that welcome familiarity - these songs could have appeared on any Guns N Roses record of the early 90s - but unlike its predecessor it's a proper album. By bringing in a single songwriting partner & vocalist (Myles Kennedy) and a constant backing band (The Conspirators) the album feels like one of those classic rock records which works best as a whole, rather than digested in bits.

In many ways this is a better Guns N Roses record than Chinese Democracy. It has retained that dangerous edge which made GNR so special. It's hard and fast, melodic and exciting. There's very little time for indulgence (ten of the 13 songs come in at around 4 minutes) and it has precisely the right amount of guitar solos. It's fist pumping, devil-horn throwing, head nodding rock and roll that sounds as good in the car as it does on your MP3 player and it's absolutely everything that you want from a classic rock record.

KEY TRACKS: Standing In The Sin, We Will Roam, Not For Me

1. Apocalyptic Love All songs by Slash & Myles Kennedy 3:28
2. One Last Thrill 3:09
3. Standing In The Sun
4. You're A Lie 3:50
5. No More Heroes
6. Halo
7. We Will Roam
8. Anastasia
9. Not For Me
10. Bad Rain
11. Hard & Fast
12. Far And Away
13. Shots Fired


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