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Rush have got nothing left to prove. Their devoted fan base will turn out to see them whenever they can, and their albums will always sell. After nearly 40 years in the business you would think that they might be starting to rest on their laurels.


The Time Machine Tour 2011 may be their best live show for two decades, and that's saying something because most of their other tours have been pretty damn special too.

A three hour set included two songs from their forthcoming album, Clockwork Angels, some of their greatest hits, oh, and the WHOLE OF MOVING PICTURES, all played to perfection.

If you saw Rush this year then than none of this comes as a surprise. The likelihood is that the show you saw is your favourite show of the year. We know this because that's what EVERYONE says who managed to catch one of the band's gigs in 2011.

Exhilarating, remarkable, spectacular... none of these words can quite capture what makes a Rush concert so special, but one thing is for certain - if you missed the band this time round then you seriously missed out


By far the most technically spectacular show of the year and, if you saw a show, one of the most unforgettable experiences of your lifetime. Waters spared no expense to put on a show of such magnitude that you forgot that you were watching a rock concert. Grown men openly wept in the audience as the brilliant songs, coupled with the amazing set and dazzling effects brought one of the best albums of all times to life in front of your eyes.


The Foos seem to be just as happy playing to 100,000 people at Milton Keynes Bowl as they do playing to a couple of hundred people at a secret show in Camden (both of which they did this year). Not only do they remain one of the most exhilarating live acts on the planet, but they also have a back catalogue full of anthemic rock classics that will get any crowd bouncing. Every gig is different, and every gig is better than the last. Simply outstanding.


It's funny to think that less than 18 months ago no one had ever seen Black Country Communion play live, and boy were we missing out? The prodigiously talented foursome play music that feels timeless. Even though the two albums are essentially brand new, when you hear the songs live you feel like you know them intimately. BCC simply make sense when you see them live. Their songs come to life when Jason, Glenn, Joe and Derek are let loose to shine as individuals AND as a four piece. They feed off each other as friends and musicians, and draw something off the crowd which allows them to produce shows of such brilliance that you can't believe they haven't been around for decades.


Often out-gunning Guns N Roses, Slash has put together quite a live band. The legendary, and seemingly ageless Slash is an almighty live prospect. Aside from the fact that he is as good now as he was in 1990, his ability to pick and choose from the best of Guns N Roses, Velvet Revolver, Slash's Snakepit and his own excellent solo album means that audiences are treated to an intense dose of awesome rock n roll at every single show. And in Myles Kennedy, Slash has got himself a talented enough wing-man who can effortlessly give those iconic songs a new lease of life and a brand new identity.


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