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Band Of The Year

At times in 2011 it seemed like the Foo Fighters were the only band keeping rock music alive in a mainstream absolutely obsessed with reality shows, disposable pop nonsense and how to make as much money as possible from a dying record industry.

That the Foos never appeared to sell out and never became irritating despite their near omnipresence over the past six months is extraordinary. In fact, if anything, we came to love them more. At times it felt like they had become the biggest band in the world simply by being loveable.

Exhibit A: Here's the band taking on the despicable Westboro Baptist Church (you know, the ones that picketed Ronnie James Dio's funeral last year)

Exhibit B: Essentially an advert for their tour. Only it's hilarious.

And finally Exhibit C: To help promote their album, the Foos did a tour on which they played in their fans' garages. 

But all that stuff is in addition to the fact that the Foos are, quite simply, the best rock band on the planet right now. In 2011 they released their best album to date, they are pretty much the best live band around and they released one of the best, most entertaining music documentaries of all time.

It seems that all of the band's stars had aligned and even though we loved them in 2010 we literally can't think of a band more deserving of the title Band Of The Year now that we love them just a little bit more.


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