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Planet Rock's Mutley Crew

Do YOU love Planet Rock? Do YOU love DOGS? Join our MUTLEY CREW!

Darren Redick and his Goldendoodles (ED: Glorified Mutt) Emerson & Schneibley periodically organise group dog walks with like-minded Rock fans.

It's really as simple as that; Darren, a bunch of Planet Rock listeners and their dogs heading out on walks and sharing their love of all things rock and canine!

If that sounds up your street, please express your interest using the form below!

Oh, and if you want to keep up to date with what Emerson and Schneibley are up to, you can like them on Facebook.

Thank you to everyone who has come along to our walks so far.

Check out our Mutley Crew Photo Gallery here!

Or in our Facebook Gallery here.

Below is a little snippet of highlights from when we took the Mutley Crew to an agility day courtesy of Stuart Doughty Agility Training! 


The walks so far have been in aid of Dogs For The Disabled.

Dogs For The Disabled are currently doing amazing work helping families with a child with autism; the charity was the first to develop the training of assistance dogs to work effectively with children with autism. In the course of this work it’s been observed that there is a special chemistry between the dog and the child, the dog having an incredible calming effect when a child with autism is angry, anxious or distressed. They can distract a child away from disruptive or dangerous behaviour and create a space for the parent or carer to take control of a situation.
They have nearly 50 Autism Assistance Dogs working with families with a child with Autism.

You can find out more and are encourage to donate at 

Register your interest in Planet Rock's Mutley Crew using the form below!

We'll be announcing details of the next walk soon so get registered if you want an invite!

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