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Example Sectional 1 - Feature Mini Buttons

You can insert TEXT or Images above the sectional using Page Content.

You can also RANDOMIZE ITEMS within a sectional so that the buttons always appear in a random order. If you select this option then you can also choose to keep up to 10 items at the top of the sectional (so that they don't move)

  • Example Button 3 Example Button 3

    You can add an article or form to a sectional from within the Editor for the article and form itself (using the Add To Sectional button)

  • Example Button 2 Example Button 2

    Describe clickthrough here

  • Example Button 5 Example Button 5

    Makes sure that you get the right image size in the right place or the whole thing will look a mess

  • Example Button 6 Example Button 6

    Your link description goes here

  • Example Button 1 Example Button 1

    The first item in the sectional will appear as a featured button that stretches the width of the page. Make sure that you create an image which is 508x225

  • Example Button 4 Example Button 4

    If you are using this sectional it is best to try to keep the number of buttons in multiples of three - i.e. 3, 6, 9 - rather than leaving gaps in the rows (purely from a visual perspective). Also - make sure that you insert images into the thumbnails or it will visually mess up the page.

And you can also insert text or images below if you so choose.