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Example Sectional 1 - Feature Mini Buttons

You can insert TEXT or Images above the sectional using Page Content.

You can also RANDOMIZE ITEMS within a sectional so that the buttons always appear in a random order. If you select this option then you can also choose to keep up to 10 items at the top of the sectional (so that they don't move)

  • Example Button 3 Example Button 3

    You can add an article or form to a sectional from within the Editor for the article and form itself (using the Add To Sectional button)

  • Example Button 2 Example Button 2

    Describe clickthrough here

  • Example Button 4 Example Button 4

    If you are using this sectional it is best to try to keep the number of buttons in multiples of three - i.e. 3, 6, 9 - rather than leaving gaps in the rows (purely from a visual perspective). Also - make sure that you insert images into the thumbnails or it will visually mess up the page.

  • Example Button 5 Example Button 5

    Makes sure that you get the right image size in the right place or the whole thing will look a mess

  • Example Button 6 Example Button 6

    Your link description goes here

  • Example Button 1 Example Button 1

    The first item in the sectional will appear as a featured button that stretches the width of the page. Make sure that you create an image which is 508x225

And you can also insert text or images below if you so choose.