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Example Presenter Page

The image for Presenter Pages is also 508x225 - they generally keep the same image structure as above)

For DJ pages you will need to do a few of things.

1) You need some information about the show - what it will consist of (is it a specialist music show? Is it a celebrity show? Is it a general show?)
2) You will need to put together the show feature pages - exactly the same as a Competition Page but with a more complex Form.
3) You will need to insert a SECTIONAL (i.e. a menu) into the Presenter Page so that users can easily find the features that are related to the DJ (for example, if someone goes to Darren Redick's presenter page they need to be able to find the Quadrophenia and Trilogy pages).

Below is an example of DJ page blurb with an associated Sectional inserted into the page.

For two hours on Saturday nights from 8pm we spend a little time in the company of XXXXXXXXXX. 

He will be playing the best live cuts from the biggest and best live albums of all time as well as taking your suggestions on what he should play next week.

This is a chance to hear some truly unique and rarely heard live material from some of rock's biggest bands. XXXXXX will be delving deep into his record collection for a couple of hours of magical music and he wants you to join him.

If you want to send your suggestions or take part in the show then click on the buttons below.

If you want to get in touch with XXXXXX then simply fill in the form below.

This form should be set up to automatically email the DJ. You should have set this up when you created the Form page initially, but if you didn't then you can do it in the EMAILS tab in Airwave.

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Example Presenter Pages: