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About The Trans Africa Challenge

Planet Rock is proud to announce that we will be sponsoring the forthcoming TRANS AFRICA CHALLENGE 2012

Six 4x4 vehicles are taking on a 2000 mile trip across Africa to help support HIV/AIDS charities in the inaugural Trans Africa Challenge - a nine day rally which starts on 9 March in South Africa.

Organised by CVS, long-time supporters of UK based charities supporting communities in Africa, Trans Africa Challenge 2012 will raise money for TEMWA in Malawi and TOP BANANA in Botswana who both work with adults and children whose lives have been affected by HIV/AIDS.

Over this 9 day intensive drive, covering nearly 2,000 miles across sub Saharan Africa, from its business heart of Johannesburg, through some of the more remote & culturally diverse regions of Botswana & Malawi via Zambia, the teams will be challenged to overcome extreme heat, unpredictable terrain & ferocious conditions, whilst avoiding some of the more dangerous wildlife. This trek will be carried out without the luxury of 24/7 Breakdown Assistance & the very real risk of roadside damage from the African potholes.

During the challenge, the group will stay within the local community and contribute to a variety of projects along the way.

Once the group has successfully negotiated the only dirt road to Usisya in Malawi - often impassable in the rainy season, even in a 4x4 - the rally will culminate in the donation of the vehicles to support the charities who desperately need them.

Martin Collins, MD of CVS says: "The Trans Africa Challenge will provide mobility for the charities' most remote communities whose only access route is a road that through the rainy season is often impassable.

If you want to find out more about T.A.C. 2012 or sponsor one of the teams then click on the link below.

Temwa is a UK based organisation that raises funds to implement community-based projects in Malawi.

Temwa operates in an area called Nkhata Bay North, on the shores of Lake Malawi. This remote region of 30,000 people has no electricity, no running water and is severely affected by the HIV & AIDS epidemic. There are no other NGOs (non-governmental organisations) working in the region and the local government strongly encouraged Temwa to work in this area due to its desperate need for basic development.

Temwa’s initial projects were in Usisya, which is made up of 56 villages. The first project undertaken was to build a community centre in Usisya, which is where Temwa's headquarters are. Temwa has recently expanded to cover the whole of Nkhata Bay North, which incorporates 89 villages.

TOP Banana is an outreach project based in Tshesebe, Botswana.

They offer Psycho - Social Support to Orphans & Vulnerable children. It works closely with relevant departments of the Botswana Government to complement their efforts and has adopted a strategy that works directly and indirectly with children.

Directly, it offers daily after-school activities that simply allow children to be children. Activities include arts & crafts, games, sports etc. It also has a pre-school that cares for children and prepares them for government run state schools. Over the years, CVS has been integral in supporting the construction and the running of these operations. Children at play generate an unmistakeably happy noise that resonates warmly within every adult.