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A Word From Darren

Hi! Darren Redick here again and I wanted to tell you about a great holiday combining the Greek Island of Rhodes and great classic rock music - Rhodes Rock 2011.

I went out for last summer's event and had a great time. Rhodes Rock hosts top tribute and covers bands such as Think Floyd, Letz Zep, The Bohemians, A Foreigners Journey, Live Wire, Are You Experienced?, Viva Santana, The ZZ Tops & The P.L.O.T. in a celebration of the best in Classic Rock. It’s all very relaxed, days on the beach and nights listening to some of the greatest tribute bands in Europe.

So, how about coming along in 2011?

For more information on Lindos and the bands that are playing, plus details on flights, accommodation and prices click on the links over on the left and make sure you're on the plane.