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Make someone's day with a wink

As a free member of Planet Rock Dating the first thing to do is create your rock star profile page, (this is where you should highlight all of your best features.) Follow this up with a selection of flattering photo's; just make sure they're recent and where you are happy and smiling. (definately not a blurred shot of you looking all sultry at a gig 10 years ago!)

Next it's the fun part where you can start searching for potential dates; remember to add anyone who catches your eye onto your favourite's list.

There's an unlimited supply of winks available to you, so be daring and send a few to grab the attention of anyone you like the look of.


You'll receive an email if someone adds you as one of their favourites, winks at you, or sends you a message. Hopefully you'll be spoilt for choice.

Head over to Planet Rock Dating and make someone's day with a cheeky little wink...