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The not so rock’n’roll side to dating a musician

So, you’ve bagged a musician have you? Congrats! They’re a notorious bunch to pin down (if everything you read in magazines is true). It’s looking like bright lights, brushing shoulders with rockstars and a new city every night from here on out! Well… sort of.  As with any relationship, there’s bound to be some dynamics that aren’t exactly rock’n’roll…




Band Practices/Recording Sessions
They’ve invited you to a band practice or a recording studio – they want to show you how they write and polish up a song. Sounds good, right? Think again. It’s always nice seeing your love interest in their element, but maybe not so much when you’ve sat through the fifth repeat of a chorus they “just can’t seem to get right”. Likewise, they’re fine tuning details of a song in the studio; there’s only so many times you can listen to the same drum fill, solo, or harmonising vocals without finding yourself close to screaming “IT SOUNDS EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE LAST 20 TIMES YOU RECORDED IT”. How many times will you realistically be able to listen to that song live now? It also begs the question…

How many shows is “too many” shows?
When does “I’m supporting your dreams” begin to look like “I have nowhere else to be and you got me on the guest list”? You don’t want to look needy or overly involved in their passion, but you don’t want to appear distant and uninterested either, as if you’re there out of obligation… Is this the thinnest line in the history of relationships ever?! And what if they write a song about you being too needy? Speaking of which…

An ode to… you?
The majority of musicians write about their experiences and your love interest most probably isn’t the exception to this trend. This is definitely food for thought. If you’re insecure at any level, that little nugget of thought will sit in your mind and grow until you’re bursting to ask, “is that song about me?”. It’s probably not. But then, who is it about?! Which leads us on to…

Groupies, groupies, groupies…
If you find your love interest is attractive because they’re a musician, then more likely than not other people will probably feel the same way. Dealing with the inevitable groupie attention is easier said than done. Playing it cool is advised, but not too cool that you give off the “do what you like” vibe. These thin lines and catch 22s are appearing quite often here!

Life away from the stage
When the bright lights and cheering crowds fade away, does their ego fade with them? Yes, they’re a musician by trade, but not by name – if they’re capable of dealing with the more monotonous daily responsibilities (paying the bills for one) then you’re onto a winner. If the ego follows them into everyday life, you may have an issue there – what sort of rock star does the dishes?!


So, if you’ve bagged a musician – don’t fret! We’re only being British about the whole thing – we love a good moan! Relationships are all about taking the good with the bad – it’s a beautiful, chaotic cocktail of equal parts crazy and bliss.


Could a musician be on the cards for you? We’re sure you’ll find plenty with Planet Rock Dating.




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