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The deal breaker we weren't expecting... pets!

A recent survey revealed that 66% of single pet owners wouldn’t date someone who doesn’t like pets. Almost half of those asked revealed to putting their complete faith in their dog's judgement of their dates!

Do Pets Hinder Our Search for Love?

Bringing the dog along on a date can stimulate conversation, encourage playfulness, and get the two of you some much-needed fresh air. So if you’re eager to impress a date, here are some fur friendly date ideas:

Take A Walk

This may be obvious, but it ticks all the boxes. Your dog won’t mind if its cold outside and it gives you and your date the opportunity to take a wander around the local park/beauty spot and have a cuddle on the way (if you're lucky).

You can always stop off for a coffee to warm up on the way back plus quite a few pubs allow dogs inside (if on leads) Bonus!

Go to an Outdoor Concert or Movie

Outdoor concerts or movie showings are becoming more popular in the UK thanks to our friends over the pond, and it’s the perfect first date to include your dogs on. Fingers crossed you can find a local rock band to really impress your date with or a Spinal Tap showing!

Dog Class

Not really a place to take a date unless you both have dogs who need training?! but dog classes are a great place to meet pet loving singles if you haven't found a date yet online. Easy conservation starters and excuses to mingle withoutlooking out of place.

Don’t Have a Dog?

If you love dogs but aren’t able to have one full time due to working hours, there are plenty of sites now advertising for dog walkers. Or you could visit your local shelter and do a good deed at the same time as impressing your date – win win!

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