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Planet Rock Dating: The Anti-Valentine's dating site

Planet Rock Dating - the anti-Valentines dating site
There's someone out there for you ⓒiStock

Who else is sick of seeing Valentine’s day posts all over social media? We hear you. But, like it or not, Valentine’s is here to stay; card factories need to stay in business somehow...

If you’re single around this time of year, it can get a bit jarring. You can’t go for a pint without spotting puppy dog-eyed couples hoping to get a bit of action. 

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But being the alternative people we are, we’ve got an alternative for you. Why not try Planet Rock Dating? Now we’re no cupid. We can’t promise you’ll find a 10/10 when you’re a 4 (maybe a 5 at a wedding), we can’t even guarantee everyone has a great sense of humour, but you’ll find out quick enough.

Probably not Wet Wet Wet fans...
Probably not Wet Wet Wet fans... ⓒiStock

What we do is just put a load of people, with the same love of rock music, in one place. So at least you’re not going to be dragged along to a Wet Wet Wet concert...

We just keep it simple and let people actually chat without all the swiping, scientific algorithms and tons of questions. Crazy isn’t it that we just get people to chat, in this day and age?

So if you’re single, why not check out Planet Rock Dating? What else are you going to do today? Not go out into the Valentine’s apocalypse we expect…

In the wonderful words of Dr Pepper, what’s the worst that can happen?

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