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New feature - Members Spot Light

No one likes a show off but there's a time and a place every so often to shout LOOK AT ME! And Dating sites are a great example of such occasions! So if you'd like your dating profile to gain a little more attention... you're going to love the new 'Spot Light' feature!

How it works

As soon as you log in to Planet Rock Dating, you'll see at the top of every page a carousel full of all the members who have put themselves in the spot light. (These are the members who are shouting look at me from the roof tops!)

The Benefits

By including your profile in this new feature you'll get on average 3x more messages & winks than other members, and achieve 18x more profile views!

It's exclusively available for all subscribers and only costs £1 (10 credits), so we think it's well worth a go if you've not found your mr/mrs perfect yet...

Put yourself in the Planet Rock Dating, spot light today >>