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Long Distance Relationships - Can they Work?

When you're searching on Planet Rock Dating for your new partner in crime... do you restrict the search area to within 10 miles from your home? 20 miles? 100 miles? or keep it wide open?!

Loosening your search filters will offer you more dating opportunities that if it all goes to plan doesn't have to mean living far away from one another forever...

Here's some top tips to making long distance relationships work:

Make Skype Your Friend
A good thing about long distance relationships is that you’ll consciously take time out of your day to chat with your partner. Really chat. Lots of couples take it for granted that they see each other every day and so never really ‘talk’ to each other. Make sure you plan regular Skype dates; uninterrupted time where you can catch up without distraction.  
Trust is Key

You’re at home in your scruffs, eating beans on toast for tea (again), and your significant other is out with their 'friend'. Roll on the gut wrenching images of he/she in the arms of someone else far more beautiful/handsome. No, no, no – be confident yourself and don't give in to the crazy jealous mind games!

Living apart means living independently, and you have to let your partner lead their life without persistent ‘where are you’ and ‘who are you with’ texts.

Trust is essential in a long distance relationship, and if you don’t have trust it’s just not going to work.

Focus on the Positives
Every time you are together you'll be so excited to see each other - cue passionate kissing, looking longingly into each others eyes over romantic dinners and fun weekends away together.
If you're not going to see each other for a couple of weeks then start planning something really special for when you do finally get together. So if you ever have a wobble, you can distract yourself with preparations for your next date.
There's no doubt it's harder dating people living a long way from you, but long distance relationships can and do work. It's just the case of finding the right person to make the extra effort worth it.
Try turning off your post code filters and login into Planet Rock Dating and see who else is out there a few more miles away than you'd ideally wanted.