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How long should you wait before meeting in person?

So you’ve been chatting to someone on Planet Rock Dating, they're making you smile more and more each email... You think the feeling maybe mutual, but now what? You can't keep chatting virtually forever, but just how long should you wait before you suggest meeting in person or agree to it?

Meeting up super quick
Some people like to meet as soon as possible, especially if you live close by to one another. This can be done very safely if you agree to meet in the daytime for coffee in a local café. (don't forget to tell a friend when and where you're meeting up to be extra safe.)
The advantages are; you can learn more about someone within the first 5 minutes of meeting them than you can from hours of carefully constructed emails. Planning to grab a quick coffee also gives you less time to get anxious because there’s less build up. Then there’s your finances – coffee is pretty inexpensive, certainly compared to a more traditional dinner date, meaning you could meet lots of dates without the expense!
Waiting for a sign?
Most people choose to wait until they're sure that the other person is interested before suggesting to meet up (to save face amongst other reasons!) 
Sharing information about your hobbies, plans, likes and dislikes over email will help you to discover more about each other, and if you have things in common. If they love your favourite band for instance you'd be asking when and where to meet in a heart beat!
It can take time, but it may be worth waiting if you want some assurances before suggesting to meet in person.
The only downside is that the longer the ‘getting to know you’ part is, the bigger the potential disappointment if when you meet there’s no chemistry. It's all part of the dating journey though in reality. You have to be in it to win it as they say...
Just how long is too long?
Personal circumstances (childcare, work etc.), distance and other factors all play a part, but the main thing is that you're excited about the possibility of meeting in person and are optimistic you'll get on.
If the delays are getting silly and you're sure you feel safe... then bite the bullet and arrange to meet up! Otherwise walk away and chat to someone else. You can't procrastinate forever.
Good luck!
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