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Is it OK to check your phone on a date?

If your chatting to someone and they whip out their mobile phone it sends a clear message of disinterest in the conversation doesn't it?...

A recent survey which questioned singles on what they thought, revealed a unanimous 75% of women consider this a ‘deal breaker’, and wouldn’t accept the invitation of a second date because of it! - pretty harsh we thought. But it makes sense when you think about it - having a date spend more time playing Angry Birds than hanging on to your every word is not going end well really is it.

What else...?
The study also revealed that on a first date 37.1% of singles will check their phone if their date has left the room (Most people in the Planet Rock offices admitted to this too.)
Combine this with those who say you should never check your phone on a first date (27.2%) and those who say only in emergencies (23.4%). This adds up to a notable 50.6% in comparison to only 12.3 percent who said it was cool to check their phone any time!
How do you know if you like someone if you’re not paying attention? When you meet someone new you want to make a good first impression. Picture you’re out with someone you really like and every time they get a text, they look at their phone. Would you think they’re into you or that they’d rather be somewhere else?
Paying too much attention (or any attention) to your phone while on a date could signal to your date that your priorities are somewhere else. 
Our advice...

Ditch your phone for a night and give your date your full attention and see what happens....


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