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Rock Ballads Perfect For Your 'SAY ANYTHING' Impression

It’s romantic, it’s personal, and it shows you’re not afraid to make an idiot of yourself in front of the love of your life (and it also shows you’re a badass who doesn’t care about having a noise pollution offense slapped on them! Everyone loves a wild child!). 

Make sure of two things before channelling your inner John Cusack, though:

  1. Make sure your song choices are spot on – there’s nothing worse than a terrible, guilty-pleasure playlist.
  2. Make sure the boom box is packing fresh batteries – not everything was chargeable back in the good old days…

Next step: creating a killer playlist to send the object of your affection’s heart all a flutter! Rock history is filled with power ballads capable of rocking even the most frigid of socks off, so here are our go-to classics…

Led Zepplin – Thank You

Is it true that under every hardened rocker with a “screw you” attitude there’s a soft nougaty centre who just wants a cuddle? If this song doesn’t convince your love interest that you’re a big softie, we don’t know what will!

Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight

Compliments, compliments, compliments people! Never shy away from expressing how lovely your potential life-partner is looking! However, if you’ve run out of ways to profess the eternal beauty of your love interest, then let the lulling tones and soaring solos of Mr. Clapton do the talking for you. Take it away, Eric…

The Rock Show – Blink 182

If you met each other at a rock show, then this energetic ode to reckless young love is the song for you! If you didn’t meet at a rock show, then still keep it on the playlist – you can’t go wrong with a bit of pre-Tom Delonge hiatus Blink 182!

Aerosmith – I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing

Risky stuff this – a song this horrendously cheesy could back fire. But, he who dares wins! Go all out and take the risk! In the famous words of Steven Tyler: “anything worth doing is worth overdoing”!

Bon Jovi – Always

Another horrendously cheesy tune – maybe you should pick and choose between this and Aerosmith… But then again, he who puts two cheesy power ballads in a love playlist always wins! 

Find that special someone with Planet Rock Dating and brush the dust off that boom box!


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