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Choosing a First Date Venue

For that first date you need a place where you can chat easily, but has enough of an atmosphere to fill potential awkward silences. It's also important for safety reasons to meet in a public place, (ie. not at your house!)
So going for coffee, a few cheekies at a local rock pub or a trip to the cinema are normally sure bets as good first date venues. You can be more adventurous on the second date if this one goes well.

The perfect day date; choose a coffee bar that's quirky. There will be plenty to talk about, 'Are you a cappuccino or flat white sort of girl?', 'Why don't Coffee Shops in the UK look like Central Perk?' etc. Also, going for coffee is fairly non-committal, which means that if the date’s not going well it wouldn’t seem out of place to have one coffee and leave after an hour, but if it's going wonderfully, the relaxed atmosphere means you can stay for as long as you like. Order another coffee, talk about your favourite bands, try their Panini’s and so on...

Rock Bar

First impressions count, and if you're meeting for the first time, it's important that you both feel comfortable in your surroundings. Hopefully the rock soundtrack of a good rock bar will put you both at ease and create some great conversation starters... 'OMG i looove Def Leppard!' , 'Don't you think that this album was so much better than their first?' etc

But remember, drinking on a first date should be treated with caution. Falling over, throwing up, getting lary – is not good form for a first date!


A lot of people think that the cinema is a rubbish first date idea because you can’t really talk and get to know one another,  but that’s exactly why it’s perfect for anyone that gets a little nervous about meeting new people! You can have a pre-cinema drink to talk about the film you’re about to see, and follow on with a post-cinema drink and a discussion about what you thought.

Sometimes, actually doing something can feel a lot more natural than a more formal meet ‘n’ greet.