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Can a non-rocker rock your world?

Music is big part of who you are and you’d like to meet someone with similar interests and rock ever after, yes?

So imagine this scenario:  You’ve been chatting on Planet Rock Dating, found someone who’s really attractive, makes you laugh and seems to really click with your sense of humour. It won’t be long now until you start to think about arranging to meet them in person - exciting times. But… after discussing the classic topic ‘what’s your favourite band’ it hits you hard!

It turns out that they’ve never heard of any of your favourite bands and after further investigations you have a suspicion that they actually like the run of the mill pop music… you know the kind of thing, and so does your little niece & nephew! Arrghhh

Is that a deal breaker? If so ask yourself why?

After all they do say opposites attract and you’re removing a massive proportion of the population. Is it possible to fall for someone who doesn’t share your musical taste? (You could in time make them see the light and end up going to loads of cool gigs together after all).

There are plenty of famous rock musicians that married beautiful women who have never heard of Black Sabbath or the Foo Fighters!  

  • Tommy Lee & Baywatch star Pamela Anderson
  • Steve Tyler and many models & fashion designers
  • Jon Bon Jovi and his high school sweetheart
  • Gene Simmons & Playboy model Shannon Tweed

Ok we confess most didn’t last the distance but we don’t think this is down to musical intervention or artistic differences either!

All we’re saying is Planet Rock Dating has hundreds of members who do love the same kind of music as you but we also give you access to thousands of other potential dates who may not be Pink Floyd/Def Leppard/Nirvana/ACDC advocates – it doesn’t mean they’re not perfect in every other way!

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