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A must read for anyone looking to join Planet Rock Dating

This is a must read before you join up to Planet Rock Dating... make your first impressions count:

First off, what does your screen name say about you? Well researchers at Queen Mary University in London have found that using a playful screen name beginning with a letter near the start of the alphabet, counts for (wait for it)… just as much as an attractive photo!

The study also revealed women are most attracted to names who give the impression of intelligence such as ‘Cultured’ whilst men respond to names more that suggest a more physical appearance like ‘Blondie’ or ‘Cute’. Personally i'm a bit shocked by this result as its a bit shallow but that's what the researchers found so who are we to argue?!

So are there any words and phrases we should be using to make ourselves more attractive to the opposite sex online…? Well, they advise steering clear of words like ‘Little’ or ‘Fat’ which is kinda obvious.... instead light-hearted screen names, such as ‘GoodFunRocker1979’, are seen to be much more likely to result in messages and that all-important date.

In a different study it revealed that including your hobbies is a great idea and helps the prospective dates get to know you a little better (it’s also a great way for you to see if they’ve taken the time to read your profile when you receive an ice breaker too). Some interests are more appealing though, words such as; ‘skiing’, ‘yoga’ and ‘the ocean’ help men get dates; whilst ‘running’ and ‘dance’ help women. Adding your favourite band name perhaps could be a nice ice breaker as long as it's not too ambiguous and aggressive sounding! ie. Rancidbloke1979! where as ACDCfan1979 would look better.

Girls, females, ladies? Guys who refer to the opposite sex as ‘females’ or ‘women’ rather than ‘girls’ are unsurprisingly more likely to find a date, as are men who use the word ‘whom’. Again a bizarre fact we thought in the Planet Rock offices...

And pets… Try not to include a picture of your pet in every profile picture becuase it tends to scare people off... especially if your a woman with pet cats! ha. If you insist on including your furry friend try using ‘cats’ not ‘my cats’ and when it comes to dogs use ‘my dog’ rather than naming them directly.


Here are some additional must know tips…

Use a photo! Profiles with pictures receive 16 times more responses than those without. Update your photo depending on the season but avoid the flash – research shows they age us by 7 whole years OUCH!

Look at the camera...but only if you’re a woman. Women who look directly into the camera for their profile picture receive far more responses than women who look away. But for men it’s the other way around – we don’t know why but we will find out!

Be upbeat on your profile. No one wants to date a moaner or someone with a chip on their shoulder about their ex. It's not attractive. Imagine you're talking to someone who you like who you want to like you too, someone who you’ve just met and would like to meet again.

Ok to summarise - so Pulp Fiction, women, Foo Fighters, fun, happy, cutie, running (if you don’t already go buy some trainers immediately), surfing and no flash photography – GOT IT! 

Give yourself the edge now with Planet Rock Dating


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