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A blokes guide to securing the 2nd date

Thanks to Planet Rock Dating you’ve secured yourself a first date, the venue's been chosen and you’ve washed & ironed your best band t-shirt in preperation! All that’s left now is to impress her enough that she agrees to a second date…

Like that difficult second album, there is no winning formula to securing a second encounter. But check out our tips below and you should be following up an impressive debut performance with a stellar sophomore record…

One: First impressions count

A good first impression can make or break the rest of a date and apparently it only takes 2 seconds for a girl to decide if she’s into you or not..., that's not long! It would be nice if you had time to get to know each others personalities before deciding yay or nay but the most important factor in this research was down to the physical appearance... so make sure you’ve cleaned, trimmed and styled yourself! 
Secondly, make sure you dress appropriately for the date. It’s easy for us blokes – jeans and a shirt will pretty much cover most occasions so just make sure everythings clean; including your teeth before that big date...  easy!
Finally, crack out that aftershave you've been saving for a special occasion. Now's the time to impress!
Second thing: Be a gent!

No not single-stemmed roses and kisses on the hand, but the simple gesture of holding open doors and generally being polite is a no-brainer. Remember to keep the conversation light, listen, ask questions and discuss your interests.

And finally: Don’t play games!

Despite what you think they teach girls on Sex and the City they don’t like to play games when it comes to dating. If you like her and want to see her again, then LET HER KNOW! Forget the stupid rules about waiting three days before making contact. It’s ok to send a casual text saying you had a good time and would like to do it again… as long as you do! After all, if you and your date aren’t attracted to each other, spend most of the time in an awkward silence and have absolutely nothing in common, then why would you want a second date?!

Ultimately, the important thing is to enjoy yourself! So get yourself over to Planet Rock Dating now and secure that date >>