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The Geekend

Geek Out Over Metal, Blues and Prog Every Weekend!

The Geekend is here! Every Weekend night on Planet Rock you can let your geek flag fly!

Friday nights, Johnny Doom presents Metal at Midnight - an hour of pure metal, for those who like things a little harder!

Saturday nights at midnight, Bernard Doherty presents Blues Power, playing all the best blues songs – old and new.

And Sunday nights at midnight, Darren Redick has One Man And His Prog. Sometimes playing as many as 5 songs in the hour! Just joking.....No more than 3 if it's done right.

The Geekend on Planet Rock - it's like the weekend, but with more notes!

Metal At Midnight - With Johnny Doom
Friday Nights at Midnight

Blues Power - With Bernard Doherty
Saturday Nights at Midnight

One Man And His Prog - With Darren Redick
Sunday Nights at Midnight

There's also another chance to hear all Geekend shows in the week:

Metal At Midnight - Monday nights at Midnight
Blues Power - Thursdays at 7pm
One Man And His Prog - Thursdays at 9pm