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The Art Of Iron Maiden

There's no doubt about it - Iron Maiden have had the most consistently brilliant album covers in rock history. 

From their self-titled debut to their most recent studio albums they have been purveyors of the hidden message, the in-joke and the complex.

Artists such as Melvyn Grant, Tim Bradstreet, David Patchett, Mark Wilkinson and Hugh Syme have contributed to Iron Maidens covers but it is the legendary Derek Riggs that is responsible for their best work.

Take a look at our gallery of Maiden Art below to see the evolution of the band's art over the years.

Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden (1980)
The debut album and the debut of Eddie The Head. This is the original album art. For later reissues Eddie has been given a strange makeover. This is the original and the best.


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