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The World Famous Anorak Quiz


Every week we get literally "some" emails saying "What's with this Anorak Quiz we keep hearing about?" *

Well, dear reader, we thought it about time to furnish you with some information about the aforementioned 'Rak
It takes place every weekday at about 11.30am. One randomly selected listener who phones up / emails / texts after about 11am will face a minute's worth of rock trivia questions. If they answer more questions correctly than anyone else who is lucky enough to make the cut during the week then they will be named "The Winner" and they will be sent, via the curious magic of Royal Mail, a branded Planet Rock Anorak - a sort-of waterproof, money-can't-buy jacket worn by only those who can rightfully be called Kings or Queens of Men.
"And what happens when I win an Anorak?" we hear you cry **
Well, reports are varying but they range from "It kept me largely dry during a rain shower" to "Someone bought me a beer because I was wearing a Rak".
One thing IS for certain, though. If you win you will become a member of the Brotherhood Of The Rak - an elite band of brothers (and two or three sisters at the last count) consisting of just a couple of hundred members who each fought valiantly through a minute of questioning, proving that their rock knowledge was infinitely / marginally better than anyone else (who took part that week).
And in a relatively recent change of rules cast down from on high by the ruthless Gods Of Raks, there can be no draw in the Anorak Quiz. If scores are tied after the final round of the week then there is a tie-break with a winner-takes-all type conclusion. It's certainly not for the faint of heart.
So if you think you're up to the challenge, keep an ear out for the the call to arms every day at about 11am and get in touch and you could soon be the owner of what critics have called "A Sort Of Coat" and "Something You can Fit Into Your Bag".
* Not actually true. We've never ever had an email that said this.
** We didn't hear you say that at all