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A Little Bit About Liz

Liz Barnes can trace her love of rock back to an exact point in time. "My big sister was a Bowie fan and as a kid I was fascinated by the cover of Ziggy Stardust", she says. "So I had a listen to the LP one day and that was it - converted."  A life-long obsession ensued and as a teenager Liz was soon flexing her rock muscle, writing reviews for fanzines and local papers. At university in America, she discovered college radio and decided that broadcasting sounded like a better idea than finding a real job to do.

On returning to the UK, Liz hedged her bets and qualified as a radio journalist. After a stint on BBC local radio in the glorious north, she made her way to London and landed the job of music journo for BBC 6 Music before Planet Rock came calling and she made the leap to full time rock. As resident features producer, Liz scoured the land for rock and roll gems, producing documentaries, specials and series such as 'When Nicky Met' and 'My Planet Rocks'. 

These days Liz is our music news and new rock guru as well. Labouring hard at the coalface of rock, Liz brings you everything you need to know from the most important bands and artists. Highlights include reporting from the Led Zep reunion gig in 2007, interviewing Slash backstage at Donington and being invited to Keith Richards' London hotel room to chat about his recent autobiography.

When she’s not out interviewing the likes of Jimmy Page, Jack White or Richie Sambora, Liz can be found broadcasting the latest scoops from inside the rock world, and hosting Planet Rock's "Amps Off" show on Sundays from 8pm.