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Darren Redick


Everybody's favourite former ballet dancer / current Rush enthusiast is here every weekday from 2pm to play some of the greatest music known to man, and he'll be with you on Sunday mornings to ease you into the day with a selection of fine rock fare and features.


Every week day at 3PM Darren gives you the TRILOGY AT THREE- three songs in a row by one of our featured artists. Tune in at 2pm each day or have a look at our Facebook page to find out which artist will be featured that day (CLICK HERE TO TAKE PART)

And then from 4-5pm we have the THE HARD YARD - Darren asks you to chose two tracks and plays them at around 5pm to help you through that last tricky bit of the day - The Hard Yard! (CLICK HERE TO TAKE PART)

On top of all that you have Darren's top rock tracks and his valiant attempts to either pronounce UK place names or stop himself laughing. Particularly troublesome recent towns have included Bicester, Penistone, Lickey End, and the brilliantly named Monkey's Jump Roundabout in Dorchester.


Darren will also provide a solid soundtrack every Sunday from 5pm, before returning at Midnight for ONE MAN AND HIS PROG.

Trilogy At Three Trilogy At Three

Listen out for today's Trilogy Artist from 2pm and then tell us which three songs you want to hear from that artist

Hellraisers! Hellraisers!

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Blues Power, with Bernard Doherty - Saturday nights at midnight.

One Man and His Prog, with Darren Redick - Sunday nights at midnight.

Darren 's Biography Darren 's Biography

Find out a little more about the man they occasionally call, The Badger

If you just want to get hold of Darren simply email darren@planetrock.com or fill in the form below:

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