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Van Halen Manager Dismisses Talk Of UK Tour

Thursday, March 14th 2013 10:30

Manager of Eddie, Alex and Wolfgang Van Halen says UK visit is not currently on the books.

David Lee Roth announced earlier this week that Van Halen were planning an extensive European tour, which would encompass "50 or 60 shows", including a long-overdue visit to Britain.

However Irving Azoff, who manages the other 3 members of the band, has said that he knows "nothing about any European tour". 

"All the announced dates, which include the date in Australia, the dates in Japan and a date in Wisconsin, are confirmed and on sale, and those are real." emphasised Irving, who also confirmed that Roth will be fronting the band at all booked concerts. 

Van Halen last toured the UK during the Monsters of rock tour back in 1984. 

Do you want to see them return?

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