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Van Halen Dismiss Falling Out Rumours

Monday, May 21st 2012 11:30

They "bit off way more than they could chew" with tour and they're having a rest

The band have refuted a Rolling Story from last week which suggested that the band had cancelled 31 dates on their forthcoming tour because they had fallen out.

Instead it seems that the tour is taking a break because the band were too ambitious.

In a new video, frontman Dave Lee Roth revealed that the band would be back on the road later in the year to finish off their dates:

Meanwhile, a Van Halen tribute act has cheekily offered to fill in for the band at the postponed dates.

In a Facebook post last Friday, Van Halen Army said, "Just heard the real Van Halen is a little tired and burnt out and are gonna postpone some shows. [We] would love to fill in any of their dates until the real guys are re-charged and ready to kick some ass like they do! Call us Eddie, we’d love to help.”

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