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US Politician Sued By Survivor

Tuesday, January 31st 2012 10:15

Newt Gingrich used Eye Of The Tiger without permission

The Herald Sun reports that Rude Music Inc, which is owned by Survivor's founder and principle songwriter Frank Sullivan, is seeking an injunction against Gingrich in a bid to stop the Republican presidential candidate from using it at campaign events without his permission.

The suit lists a series of events where Gingrich used the song and it says that the song has been used in a number of internet videos.

Lawyers representing Rude noted in the suit that Mr Gingrich should be well aware of copyright law, given he is listed as the author or co-author of dozens of published works and has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars from Gingrich Productions, a company that sells his published works.

As well as seeking an injunction stopping Mr Gingrich from using the song, the suit also asks for unspecified damages and lawyers' fees.

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