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Unfinished Dio Tracks May Be Completed

Wednesday, October 17th 2012 13:30

Simon Wright says that there are a couple of songs left in the vaults

With the release of a brand new Dio best of, The Very Beast Of Vol 2 (which covers the years 2000-2003), there are rumours of unreleased material in the vaults that may one day get a release.

Drummer Simon Wright, who played with Dio from 1998 until Ronnie passed away in 2010, says that there ARE unfinished demos but he doesn't know what will happen to them

"There were three, or four, songs that he had been working on for Magica II and III. They were just demos, unfortunately. Wendy is in charge of all that and I am not sure what will happen. At some point, maybe, they will come out. We will have to see what Wendy wants us to do with them.

"You would have to be careful on how you approached it. You would not want to overstep your bounds. We would have to sit and listen to them and see how far he got with them. We would do it with totally respect and we would have to do it delicately. We will see what happens. It is up to Wendy, as she in charge of that side of things, but we will wait and see."

You can read the full interview at Classic Rock Revisited

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