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TV Role For John Fogerty

Wednesday, January 11th 2012 11:15

The former Creedence man lands brief acting role PLUS he talks recent reunion stories

In a new interview with Billboard Fogerty revealed that not only has he written the theme tune to new US TV show The Finder, but he will also appear in the first episode.

"The producers of the show, I guess they're big fans and had this idea that they wanted me to play a character," Fogerty tells Billboard.com. "They had a storyline that was inspired, I guess, by some events in my real life. And then as things rolled along, they asked me to create a theme for their show." Fogerty says "The Finder" tune "sounds very much like me... kind of my swampy sort of sound. It's short; it's enough for an opening credit theme but it's fun to play it. I have to admit when I got to the point where I was mixing that I remember thinking to myself, 'Wow, this sure is cool. It will be great to hear something like this on TV,' because it's much more my kind of element rather than the usual sort of spacey, techno stuff you always hear."

Whilst Fogerty has no plans to make the theme tune available to buy, he has been "working on an album for a few months". The album will apparently feature guest appearances from artists such as the Foo Fighters, Brad Paisley and Miranda Lambert. 

And Fogerty addressed the recent Creedence reunion story that was initiated by him last year when he said he may be open to it.

"Somebody just asked me about a reunion and that sort of thing...and I said that I suppose if somebody started talking about it, I'd at least sit down and listen," Fogerty recalls. "I was surprised I was so mellow about it...But I've heard through the grapevine the other fellas were really upset or something over that. So I sent back, 'Oh. I guess there's no reunion then.'"


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