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Townshend Wanted Johnny Rotten For Quadrophenia

Friday, November 25th 2011 10:15

The guitarist wanted Sex Pistol for film version of their rock opera

Speaking to Music-News.com at the Princes Trust Rock Gala earlier this week, Townshend revealed that he tried to persuade Rotten to play the lead role, which eventually went to Phil Daniels, in the iconic film.

"I knew him as he'd been using my studio in Soho, what a fucking diamond, and so smart but unfortunately we went out with the director... Johnny Rotten liked to drink and so did I, and we went out and got pissed and I drove my car the wrong way around a roundabout. We went to Camden Palais together and I got stopped by the police and they hauled us out."

He continued: "Anyway I think he decided not to do it - I don't think it was us. I really wanted him. I don't know how good he would have been, but he's very, very intense. He could have been good."

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