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Thunder's Ben Matthews To Undergo Cancer Treatment

Tuesday, July 15th 2014 15:25

The chance of a positive outcome however is "in the high 90s".

Following the news that Thunder guitarist Ben Matthews would miss Calling Festival due to having his tonsils removed, it has now come to light that there was malignant "matter" attached to one of them which will require further treatment.

The band explained in a statement posted on their Facebook page:

"As you will remember Ben had his tonsils removed a while ago.
Unfortunately, the surgeon found some "extra" matter attached to one of them, and after some tests, it was subsequently found to be malignant.

In effect, he has cancer, and needs treatment, which will mean a course of both radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Whilst the treatment is not pleasant, we're told the percentage chances of a happy outcome are "in the high 90s".

We'll update you when we have some more news.
In the meantime please join us in wishing him well.

The Thin Concerned One"

Planet Rock would also like to wish Ben and all in the Thunder camp the very best!

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