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Thin Lizzy Working On New Album

Wednesday, July 11th 2012 13:45

The current line-up is prepping new material

In a new interview with Gibson.com, guitarist Damon Johnson has revealed that the band are working on material for a brand new record - the first that will be released under the Thin Lizzy banner since 1983's Thunder & Lightning.

"I’ve joined a band with a history of amazing guitar players, but also a band that wants to do something challenging – make a new album for the first time in 29 years. I’ve been ripping off Thin Lizzy for my whole career, so I can’t think of anyone better qualified for this gig than me!"

He adds "We all know it’s going to be under the microscope. We know there will be pundits who criticize it. But pundits aren’t necessarily fans. The fans have always wanted these amazing songs to continue to be performed live. And, now, we need new material to put extra life into this."


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