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The Doors Courted Ian Astbury For 12 Years

Tuesday, May 29th 2012 11:15

The Cult frontman says that he waited over a decade for frontman job

Astbury first appeared with Robby Krieger and Ray Manzarek in 2002 when they performed under the name The Doors of the 21st Century (and subsequently D21C and Manzarek-Krieger). However, Astbury reckons that the band first assessed him in 1990.

Classic Rock Magazine reports that in a new interview The Cult frontman said "They waited thirty years and the courtship was quite a long while. I was introduced to Ray, Robby and John Densmore when the Doors movie was being made in 1990.

"I was invited to a party in the Hollywood Hills. Michael Talbot, this famous metaphysical writer, was there. Timothy Leary and his partner was there. This Russian woman who was supposed to be a spiritualist was there. They were the only other people there – it was like I was being vetted in some way.

"Twelve or thirteen years later I got the gig.”

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