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Ted Gets Ready For US Presidential Campaign

Thursday, September 8th 2011 01:00

Nugent backs Texas Governor in no uncertain terms

Ted Nugent is plotting his next US tour around the 2012 presidential campaign.

He’s told Billboard.com that he’s planning his next jaunt in order to "be the most effective in its geographical impact and its statement".

As a resident of Texas, he’s pledged his unflinching support for the state’s Governor Rick Perry in the race to challenge President Obama’s position in the White House.

Nugent isn’t expecting to be an official part of the campaign, however. He says even though he and the Governor have spoken intensively about it, he won’t be surprised if isn’t given an official role in the campaign administration because "I am so volatile".

Meanwhile, Ted is also working on a new album and his memoirs which will be titled (what else..?) 'Stranglehold'.

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