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Stones Announce Pay-Per-View For US Show

Friday, December 7th 2012 02:00

Fans can watch American gig online

It has been announced that one of the Rolling Stones 50th anniversary gigs will be streamed live online.

The show, held on December the 15th at the in Newark Prudential Center in the US, will be shown as a pay-per-view programme via Yahoo! and WWE. Yahoo! will stream a whole package of Stones content, including past concerts, band interviews and backstage access plus an exclusive special, ‘Countdown to the Rolling Stones’.

Meanwhile, the critically acclaimed new Stones docmentary, ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ is to be released on DVD. It came out in cinemas in October and was also aired on BBC television. The feature length film, directed by Brett Morgen, will be out on DVD In January.

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