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Sebastian Bach For Skid Row?

Monday, January 30th 2012 12:00

But not the Skid Row you were thinking of...

Brendan "Brush" Shiels is currently dusting off the original version of Skid Row to release a new album this year and he's made an offer to the US version of Skid Row's former singer Sebastian Bach to sing with his band.

In a new video Shiels says "In my opinion, you’re one of the greatest frontmen in American rock of all time.” He continues to lays it on pretty thick, "For me, you’re up there with Ozzy Osbourne, Jon Bon Jovi, Steve Tyler from Aerosmith. Man, you’ve got it all.”

Shiels' offer includes top billing for Bach, a 50/50 split and a tour in return of Bach sharing his vocals for the upcoming release, according to Shiels, "If you [Sebastian] were singing my songs, we couldn’t fail.”


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