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Rare Doors Acetate Sells For $3000

Wednesday, October 19th 2011 13:00

The 1965 demo recordings were an unusual find for collectors

Hennemusic reports that the demos were recorded in September of 1965 at World Pacific Jazz Studios in Los Angeles by the band (minus guitarist Robbie Krieger, but plus several members of the Manzarek family) and all six of these Jim Morrison originals eventually become Doors songs.

The six song acetate is one sided and was released by EMC records. Aside from the nature of the demos, it is of interest to collectors as it contains a song entitled Insane (A Little Game), which ended up as part of the Celebration Of The Lizard suite.

The tracklist is:

Track Listing:
1. Moonlight Drive
2. Hello, I Love You
3. Summer’s Almost Gone
4. My Eyes Have Seen You
5. End of the Night
6. Insane (A Little Game)

You can listen to clips from the acetate below:

Find out more about the acetate HERE

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