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Poison Refute Song Theft Claim

Friday, October 28th 2011 11:00

The band's lawyer says that the claims are "baseless"

Last week to members of a Chicago band named Kid Rocker filed a lawsuit to try to stop Poison from playing four of their songs ever again, claiming that guitarist CC DeVille stole them nearly 20 years ago

Mark D. Passin, attorney for the members of the group Poison, says the claims have absolutely no merit. 

"Poison will vigorously defend against the baseless accusations alleged in the complaint," he says. "Obviously, if the Poison songs that are the subject of the complaint infringed any songs written by Plaintiffs McCarthy and Stonich they would have filed their lawsuit over 20 years ago when Poison released the albums on which the songs are embodied. It is unfortunate that success in the entertainment business often invites unmeritorious lawsuits."

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