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New Nine Inch Nails Album Next Year?

Monday, December 12th 2011 10:30

Trent Reznor is going back to the day job for the first time in nearly four years

Reznor has revealed to The Sun that after a couple of years of soundtrack work on the likes of The Social Network (for which he won an Oscar) and the upcoming Girl With The Dragon Tattoo he will be starting work on a new NiN release in 2012.

He said "Nine Inch Nails is not dead by any means, but all the touring and record writing has been thrown off for a little bit. I highly expect that to be the focus of 2012 in terms of writing and we may see a full-length release even".

In the interview he also revealed that David Bowie inspired him to step away from Nine Inch Nails in 2009 when the band announced that they would never tour again.

He said of this: "It started to feel like if I didn't force myself into a change I would regret it. It's a fear of not wanting to try things because you're in a comfort zone. I always think about my hero David Bowie and his fearlessness to destroy something that isn't ready to break yet and start something new". 

He continued: "He'd throw out an identity, confuse his audience and it's a great risk career-wise. But he had the balls and didn't milk it out to the last drop". 

The three hour Girl With The Dragon Tattoo soundtrack was released on Friday.

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