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Muse Hit Out Against High Ticket Prices

Tuesday, October 23rd 2012 14:00

"There's only so much money a band needs" says bassist Chris Wolstenholme

Wolstenholme told the Daily Star: "we've always tried to keep prices as low as we can so people can come and watch us. What's reasonable for one person isn't reasonable to another, but there really is only so much money a band needs."

Muse's comments come a few days after all 33,000 available seats for The Rolling Stones were sold out in a matter of minutes, despite tickets costing between £90 and £375. Prices on some secondary market retailer sites have since soared to £12,000 per ticket. 

Meanwhile, Muse begin their own UK tour later this week, launching a visual spectacular which includes aliens and an upside-down pyramid. 

"The pyramid seems to represent the power structures of the world. Turning it upside down is a gesture as to what we think of that" said lead singer Matt Bellamy. 

The band are currently riding high after being given the award for "best act in the world today" at last night's Q Magazine Awards in London. 

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